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Our Vision & Mission is what sets us apart.

Our unique and dynamic approach is what gives you the results.



FarmVision strives towards optimally satisfying the needs of our clients by means of multidisciplinary expertise, professional service provision and the application of best practices.


Rather than employing a full-time staff, with the associated direct and overhead costs, FarmVision assembles project-specific teams that bring together the exact expertise our clients need. The members of the FarmVision’s network have worked together on previous engagements, and all of them have 10 years or more of relevant experience.


FarmVision is therefore committed to the provision of innovative, quality solutions to enable our clients to achieve their objectives. Our approach is centred on meeting the requirements of our clients through building a partnership with them.


FarmVision has since its establishment as a private company in January 2002, made great progress. It has opened 7 offices across South Africa, i.e. Ermelo, Lichtenburg, Potchefstroom, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, George and Jeffreys Bay (head office). FarmVision is still expanding and would like to provide a service to all farmers across Africa.








FarmVision's core business is to advise farmers and agribusinesses on how to optimise production, technically and economically, in an environmentally sustainable manner. It also provides consultancy services to private and public institutions.


The consultants work in multidisciplinary teams and have ample knowledge of both the general management and specific aspects of a particular agricultural activity. The basic FarmVision approach to agricultural advice is that of production guidance, i.e. consultants work on the basis of agreements that stipulate regular visits during the production cycle. Thus, the client is guided in all aspects of production, so as to achieve optimal results. Although specific advice on an ad hoc basis is also given, practice has shown that the best results are obtained when the client and advisor work closely together on a regular basis during all phases of production.


FarmPack is FarmVision's new, flexible enterprise focused package of services offering in depth support and value for money. This package has been designed to increase the client's financial performance within the current climate and in the future.


FarmPack is available to all clients and will be especially useful to the more technically minded progressive businesses. The locally based FarmVision consultant will manage the client's consultancy package throughout the year. Other agricultural specialists will be brought in as and when needed, as part of that package and the client will have all the latest industry and research information made available to him/her.


FarmPack offers a modular package of services from which the client can choose those elements that fit best with his/her own management system and will offer him/her the best return on investment. This will provide the client with a uniquely flexible consultancy package and enable him/her to make the right decisions for maximum profitability. FarmPack membership requires that the client take out a certain level of services throughout the year, but he/she is free to choose the options he/she wants to make up a package from the list of the services available. The FarmVision consultant will then draw up a quotation according to the services required.


Tel: +27 (42) 296 0818
Fax: 086 508 2501
Cell: +27 (82) 452 9893
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FarmVision (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 1919 | Noorsekloof | Jeffreys Bay | South Africa | 6331

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