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Lieb Venter

Agric Economist (M.Sc. Agric)

Lieb Venter is the managing director of FarmVision. He has graduated from the University of the Free State with a M.Sc. Agric degree in Agricultural Economics. 


He has 35 years experience practicing as an agricultural economist where he has been involved in the planning and development of a number of strategic agricultural projects in the dairy industry, beef and crop farming in Southern Africa, as well as Africa.


He commands strength in financial modelling for agricultural enterprises and conducting feasibility studies. He is also involved in the establishment of new operations (capital intensive turnkey projects) and the improvement of current operations. Lieb has been a consultant to various government funded projects wherein he has acted as project manager, strategist, trainer and mentor. 

As an agricultural entrepreneur, he brings vast technical expertise into the venture.


Lynn Venter

Training/Admin (Dip. Training)

Lynn Venter is the administrative manager of FarmVision. She has a nursing diploma from Carinus Nursing College and a teaching diploma from the University of the Free State. 

As head of administration she is responsible for the administrative and accounting control of the company, watching over the correct financial management.


She oversees the support operations of FarmVision and thereby ensuring that there is effective information flow and that resources are employed efficiently throughout the business. Daily support involves working with consultants, other employees and senior management, as well as liaising directly with clients and suppliers. Her strength is that she is organised and detail-orientated with good analytical skills to run day-to-day operations.


Jacques Venter

Project Manager

Jacques Venter is a project manager and consultant/researcher at FarmVision. He is also the General Manager for FarmMark. He holds a post graduate diploma in business administration as well as a degree in electrical engineering from Nelson Mandela University.

He has 4 years’ experience in the automation (automotive) sector and 2 years in agriculture. Areas of expertise include planning and development of several strategic agricultural projects in livestock and crop farming in Southern Africa.

His responsibilities consist of managing projects, writing up feasibility studies/business plans and the day to day operations of FarmMark


Thukela Mashologu

Training/Admin (Dip. Training)

Thukela Mashologu is agricultural economist and consultant at FarmVision. He is also the regional manager for the GENEX Cooperative Development Program in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.  His education qualification include MBA from Nelson Mandela University, BSc degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Fort Hare and a Diploma in Agriculture from Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry. He has 17 years’ experience both in private and public sector being involved in the development and planning of strategic agricultural enterprises with specific focus in facilitating joint ventures between commercial operators and community-based enterprises in the dairy, beef, crop and fruit industries in South Africa.


He has also played a critical role in the resuscitation of Industrial Parks by contributing in policy development and planning and project management. Been involved in many international missions where he strengthens his knowledge and broad understanding of international agribusiness and rural development policy environment, international trade and multinational partnership arrangements.  He commands strengths in strategic planning, commercial deal structuring and trade & investment promotion.


Thukela has been also involved in several boards & trusts of Agricultural Commodity organizations as both Executive & Independent Non-Executive Director and Ministerial Trustee.  As an entrepreneur, a passionate farmer he brings a good mix of both technical and administrative experience to the venture.


Kgabo Rammutla

Development Consultant and Strategist. (MSA)

Kgabo Rammutla is a development consultant and strategist at FarmVision. He is also the regional manager for the GENEX Cooperative Development Program in the Highveld area, South Africa. He holds a master’s degree in sustainable agriculture (MSA) where he majored in Rural Sociology, Strategic Management and Planning in Agriculture, National and International Agricultural Marketing and Farm Management for Sustainable Agriculture.


He is a Development Practitioner with 15 years rural and urban development experience.  He has experience working with government agencies and non-governmental organizations focused on facilitating and managing Agribusiness and Rural Development, Development Facilitation, Food Security Assessments and Poverty Alleviation Programmes.


His areas of expertise include the use of formal, informal and participatory tools in conducting baseline surveys, participatory / action research, feasibility analysis, programme design and implementation, capacity building programmes, multi stakeholder facilitation and strategy formulation.


Rykie Visser

Agric. Engineering

Marius Tolmie

Human Resources

Janice Giddy

Quality Management

Mias Nieuwoudt

Mechanical Engineering

Hannes du Plessis


Warren Heathman


Mike Copeland

Irrigation and Agricultural Development Engineer

Dr.Kobus Laubscher

Agric Economist (Ph.D Agric Econ)

Simon Kemp

Animal Scientist (M. Agric)

Rudi van der Berg

Animal Scientist (B.Sc. Agric Hons)

Riana Reinecke

Animal Scientist (M.Sc. Agric)

Grant Shepherd

Poultry specialist (MBA)

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