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Wheat: Qamata                                        2013 - 2014


FarmVision assisted the Qamata farmers with the production of wheat under irrigation during the 2012/13 season. We have upgraded and repaired the 220 ha centre pivots at unit 6 before soil preparation commenced. Also, the pump station and electricity supply was vandalised and major repairs had to be done.


We have provided mechanisation services to prepare the soil and to plant the wheat.  The total area planted were 110 ha. The Chris Hani District Municipality provided the funding for the planting and harvesting of the wheat. Training was provided to the farmers.


Wheat: Emalahleni sorghum production       2010 - 2011


FarmVision was appointed by Chris Hani District Municipality to plant 1,000 ha grain sorghum during the 2010/11 season.


Lessons learned:


  • Soil preparation, to prepare the seedbed (conserve water) and to control the weeds, need to be done much earlier each year, e.g. July/August. 


  • Very few farmers were involved during the planting of the sorghum. Farmers need to be trained and they must take ownership of their farming operation.


  • The storage facilities for inputs like seed and fertiliser need to be improved. Some areas have none or limited storage space for the seed and fertiliser. Also, fertiliser was damaged by rain in certain areas when it was left outside the storage facility.


A centralised storage facility is needed in Queenstown where inputs can be stored before the goods are transported to the storage facility in each area.

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