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Delindlala Farmer's Co-operative                 2010 to date


Managing the development of the Delindlala Farmers Co-operative’s mixed farm (beef, sheep, dairy, vegetables + broilers) near Indwe and the training of the beneficiaries. The project is funded by the EU.


The Delindlala Farmers’ Co-operative is a black community owned farm situated approximately 5 km from Indwe in the Eastern Cape Province. Delindlala emerged out of an agricultural group of 15 members that was involved in communal gardening in Luphaphasi, in the late 1990’s. The group was reconstituted into a legal entity in 2001.


The 2029 ha farm is approximately 10 km west of Indwe. The farm consists of 20 ha irrigable land, 15ha dry land, 5 ha homestead and 1,989 ha veld. 

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