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Riverside Meats intensive sheep project comprehensive feasibility study

2016 - Free State, South Africa

The objective of this report is to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study for the Riverside Meats intensive sheep project in the Eastern Free State Province.   


The overall objective with the intensive sheep production system is to set up a sheep breeding, production, slaughtering and processing business. In the proposed system an accelerated lambing season will be followed.  In this system, the Mutton Merino breed with a long breeding season are used.  The lambs are weaned early (10 weeks or on approximately 20 kg) and the ewes are mated again immediately. Three lamb harvests in two years are obtained this way.  Animals will utilise natural veld, planted pastures (dryland) and the lambs will be finished in a feedlot on pellets (lucerne mixture). Most of the raw materials will be produced on the farm.   


The sheep will be slaughtered in the abattoir on the farm and the meat will be sold in mainly the Gauteng market. The enterprise will be the catalyst in integrating the various links of the food supply chain viz., backward linkage, trade, processing industries and the forward linkage.  In other words, it will be working with the “Farm to Fork” concept. 

UAE Goverment Livestock Breeding, Production and Exporting feasibility study

2004 - UAE

Feasibility study and policy framework for livestock breeding, production and exporting project in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Government).

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