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Ikhephu Secondary Cooperative Artificial Insemination feasibility study

2016 - Elliot, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The AI service will undoubtedly put Ikhephu in a very competitive position as they will be the first Black-owned Cooperative rendering this type of service to their members. The breeding barn, which will be imported from the USA, is also a first for South Africa which will certainly enhance the Coop’s potential.

The overall positive impact of such an AI service on the quality of beef cattle in the Elliot region will be significant. The cash flow indicates that it could be a viable service for the Secondary Cooperative that will also benefit the primary producers. 

Ikhephu Secondary Cooperative Feedlot business plan

2016 - Elliot, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Compile a feedlot business plan for Ikhephu Secondary Cooperative near Elliot in the Eastern Cape. 

Nabas Agri Farming (Pty) Ltd business plan

2015 - In the Stampriet area, Namibia

The purpose was to investigate the possibility of increasing their footprint in the livestock industry by buying weaners in Nambia and to fatten them in a feedlot. The livestock enterprise of the business is anticipated to be a key recipient of products generated from crops (irrigated maize and pastures). The supply of nutritious feed available for use in the livestock enterprise will gradually increase as the land cultivation programme is expanded. 

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