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Ilitye Labathemba Dairy Cooperative                      2014


Compile business plan for Ilitye Labathemba Dairy Cooperative. Also responsible for the implementation of the project and mentoring of the farmers. The smallholder dairy farmers will have their own dairy parlour with a milking machine and bulk cooling tank. Individual dairy farmers can take their cows to the central dairy parlour to be milked. Cows are taken back to the farmer’s smallholding after milking. Milk will be taken to the collection centre which will be owned by all the dairy farmers in the Qamata area. The collection centre will process the milk before it is sold.

Shiloh Dairy Project - Mayime Cooperative     2007-2010

Compile business plan and act as project manager for the infrastructure development of a 1000 cow in herd dairy project at Shiloh.


The Shiloh Dairy Project is situated in the Whittlesea district under the Chris Hani District Municipality within the jurisdiction of Lukhanji Local Municipality.  The scheme is located on the R67 road to Fort Beaufort, ± 1 km from Whittlesea.  It is also 40 km from Queenstown and 102 km from Fort Beaufort and straddles the tar road.


There are ± 237 beneficiaries in this dairy project. The total area of the project is 411 ha under irrigation.

Mantusini Dairy Project                                 2005-2010


Feasibility study and act as project manager for the infrastructure development of the Mantusini Dairy Project.


The Mantusini area has been identified for the proposed establishment of the Mantusini Dairy Project.  The area is next to the Umngazi River and is approximately 40 km from Port St John’s on the way to Umtata.  The above area falls within Ward 9 of the Port St John’s Municipality.  This is a pasture based system with 700 cows in herd. The area needed to produce the roughage for the 700 cow dairy herd consists of 160 hectares of irrigation and 144 ha dry land.

Keiskammahoek Dairy Project                      2002 - 2007

Feasibility study, implementation, management and training for Keiskammahoek dairy project (share milking between commercial farmers and Seven Stars Secondary Cooperative).

This is a pasture based system with 3500 cows in herd and 1000 ha irrigation.


Since 2014 provide training through the CRI USAID funded community development program.

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